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Personal Quote: RAPED AS PLANNED!
well this is the story all about how my life got raped and turned upside down
and i like to take a minute just sit right there
ill tell yah how i became the rapist of a place called japan....

i used to get raped (i know right! thats terrible)
my dad used to spank me and touch me! and my mom just stayed in the kitchen..where she belonged and didnt do shit!
so while my dad was raping me while i should of been at school, i learned his techniques.

one day when my dad wasn't raping me i packed all my things and ran away to another family! one with a young girl, a old man, and a stay at home whore.

they adopted me as soon i was through their doors. when my parents werent home i used to rape my sister! i mean it wasnt my fault , it was my stupid real dad fault! i mean he gave me those awesome raping genes!!!
well anyways. i found this shitty old dumb book that i shit in most of the time and piss in it. and supposovly i can rape people with it without raping them..but i was like fuck that shit ill just rape them i mean, it takes the fun and joy out of it. and so i just raped the rapeagami because yah know he was always watching me so i raaped him like over and over again.

for some reason i was like the spartest kid in the world at my school and shit. and i got into a good college too! how did this happen? all i did through high school adn college was raping people(mostely boys). well i met this guy and he was kinda a freak.
like he sucked on his own dick, he name was ryuzaki and he like sucked his dick all the time so i raped him all the time. so we are like rape buddies so i raped him every night from then.

here i am now. writing this journal entry to you, telling about my childhood.yes im fapping right now. and raping a little boy right now.
thank you and have a rapeful day.
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